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Who We Are

No Worries Private Chefs respect all people, views, and cultures, as well as any religious restrictions regarding food and beverage. We embrace clean and healthy, natural food choices and are accommodating to other's sensitivities, allergies, or dislike of certain foods.

Vegans and vegetarians are welcome at our table and all dishes are prepared with cohesion to the original menu so no one feels left out. Food offers a timeless connection to culture, tradition, and memories. We look forward to making new memories with you – that's what we do!

For nearly 20yrs together, our motto has remained No Worries!

Our passion for food, life, and love is boundless. We have travelled this country, and internationally, tasting local and ethnic foods, and visiting farmers' markets, fish markets, and butchers to find the freshest, tastiest, and often most obscure ingredients. We then go back to our hotel, rental or campsite, the beach, or any setting that compels us, and create an exciting experience of our own! We always travel with a two-burner stove, a grill, a stock pot, and the essentials of cooking (one can never be too prepared). Furthermore, we love to learn and try new things!

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